This is where it all begins!

We live and breathe weddings and care deeply about your story – we elevate our collective knowledge, creativity, and connections so that you can be treated to an unparalleled planning experience and the end result is your story being told through your wedding! Producing events unique to our couples that sing to their tastes, heritages, loves, and stories, is at the core of our business. 17+ years of planning and designing weddings means that we’ve truly seen it all. We are exceptionally creative – we start from scratch when working with our couples, know what it takes to troubleshoot, brainstorm, and care for our clients, and we continually raise the bar. No two weddings of ours look alike, and each one really represents that happiness and joy of each of our couples. At Valley & Company Events it’s all about you!

These pictures are only half of it – if only you could hear the incredible stories behind each photo! There’s a moment at each of our events where we say We’ve got ’em!” Maybe it’s during a delicious dinner or hilarious toasts when there’s a buzz of warmth and happiness, or on the dance floor when every guests is on their feet celebrating you. Those are the moments in time we work so hard to create for you – when everyone, no matter their ages or what is happening in the world, is in that moment and nowhere else.

What do we do? 

We create the core of the wedding plans and designs through logistics mapping, budgeting, venue searching, and vendor vetting. We review contracts and negotiate on your behalf so that you can trust the process, we source the most suitable and creative resources and recommend top notch photographers and videographers, musicians, and properties, orchestrating them all together to create a picture-perfect and seamless celebration. We keep our clients on track during the planning process and steer the ship, keeping an in-depth calendar, planning checklist, outlined budget, and week-of timeline. You will see friendly reminders for payments and tasks due, and our team will truly orchestrate the finite details so you can relax and enjoy! We brainstorm fun ideas that reflect your tastes and story and dream big! You will work closely with us to design and plan the structure and details of the day so that your wedding looks and feels just like you. Our team intakes and oversees the catering team, rental deliveries, installations, troubleshooting, and we’re always the first to arrive on site and the very last to leave, tending to each guest, wedding party, and component.

We see every detail through and bring the vision home – with our outstanding team comprised of Founders Aleah and Nick, Director of Events Amy, Events Manager Kaitlyn, Designer Elsa, Wedding Support Katherine, our Engineer Nate, and Wedding Support Krystle, and more tending to each detail, the guest experience, and the behind-the-scenes logistics. We celebrate you and work tirelessly to ensure the magic of the day unfolds beautifully!

How do you want your wedding story to read? 

We want to know what is most important to you on your wedding day and the feeling you want your guests to experience when they arrive and throughout the moments. Understanding your priorities and style is the jumping off point for our planning process – there are so many ingredients that go into creating your vision, and that’s also half of the fun! We will ask you all about your favorite foods, what kind of music you like, and what your home looks like. Knowing you both is exciting to us and it helps to fuel our creative process.

What do you get?

We offer a white-glove approach for our couples, designed to give them the very best of our knowledge, creativity, 17+ years of experience, and our unparalleled connections and imagination. Our process is a fun one and our clients are treated to a relaxed experience with an emphasis on them. Aleah and Nick work closely with our couples, and our stellar team supports our creative process. You have full wedding planning, design, and floral creation under our roof, and unlimited ideas and connections.

How do we define our planning and design services?

Planningover 17 years of experience comes with unparalleled logistical knowledge including tenting, power needs, proper timing to move 250 guests smoothly, what type of menu will work best with the season and venue kitchen, what colors and textures make a space feel warm and welcoming, and all of the finite details in between. We work to bring you the best creative partners, break down your budget and planning checklists, and will present clever and creative ideas unique to you. Orchestrating catering, rentals, lighting, music selections, seating layout, and all of the in between details are only a fraction of the planning that takes place behind the scenes. We act as the maestros (or general contractors) during the planning process. Design – we will work closely with you to define the goals of the wedding and to build up moments and memories through music, menu pairings, linens, the designs of the ceremony, the feeling of dinner, and what guests are seeing and experiencing. The design goes deep – and Floral Production brings all of our hard work home – we create centerpieces and installations, bouquets and boutonnieres, and bring all of the designs to life.

Who are our couples?

Our couples are fun-loving and want to show their guests an amazing time. We work with couples all over the country and world, and the underlying tone they all have is wanting to work with a stellar team who will create an unforgettable day that’s timeless and memorable, and filled with experiences and surprises. We have worked with talented teachers and doctors to construction workers and small business owners, Forbes listers, Seattle Seahawks and NHL players, to notable names, and everyone in between. No matter your name, profession, or your wedding vision, we treat it as if we are planning our own wedding all over again, with the utmost care. We listen and and get to know each of our clients with great joy.

We put an enormous emphasis on quality versus quantity and work very closely with our clients. Therefore we take on a select number of weddings and event each year.

Since 2003 we have been known as the husband-and-wife planning team™ and years of relationships and industry experience speak volumes to the fun environment we create not only during the planning process, but during your celebration for all involved. Ask around and you’ll get a resounding applause to what it’s like to work with us. We truly take that to heart!

Now what? Let’s connect over email, phone, or text and chat about your wedding vision – we want to hear about what excites you about your wedding, food you love, what kind of music you want played, and what traditions are (or aren’t) important to you!

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