Meet Our Team

Amy Tanton, Director of Special Events

Amy is an incredible asset to our team, bringing years of experience in logistics and wedding planning. She manages the finite details of our events in preparation for the execution of logistics and vendor management. She is a talented wedding planner and floral designer, and is a true joy to be around.

Kaitlyn Clifford, Weddings & Logistics

Kaitlyn brings a fun energy to our weddings, and assists with logistical planning and vendor team establishment, helping to create the stellar framework to our events. Kaitlyn’s talents extend to our floral and design work in studio and styling on the wedding day.

Happy Saunders, Events Design Manager

Armed with a great savvy for floral design and event aesthetic, Happy has been on our team for three wedding seasons. She ensures each detail is presented beautifully and that our team is a well-oiled machine on the event day.