About Us

How lucky are we to celebrate others? We absolutely love what we do – getting to know and connect with incredible clients and creatives and working to bring special moments to life truly is the best job ever. We founded Valley & Company Events in 2003 after we graduated from university, armed with a passion for celebrations and fun people. We have grown our company into a renowned house of wedding and event planning, design, and floral, where we work hard to create clever surprises, impeccable visions and to execute feelings and moments that look just like our clients. Your event will become your hallmark, and it should feel just like you.

We believe that there is a true art to entertaining and on any given weekend we’re entertaining for a crowd! It truly is our passion and every detail of your event matters to us – from the big picture of the music, menu and venue to the finite details of how each place setting will look and what each course guests are eating looks and tastes like, a pinch of this and a dash of that all come together to tell your story. Our weddings and events are balanced and imaginative and continually raise the bar. We work together day in and day out and thrive on creativity and wouldn’t have it any other way!

What makes us tick: 

Aleah – I love a good glass of champagne, family time, and gardening. an am inspired by the sea, European gardens, architecture, and cool people. My grandmother owned a flower shop growing up and she and my mom have inspired my creativity and passion for flowers. My favorite moment at our events: seeing the culmination of a dream come to life. There’s always a perfect moment when everyone is dancing, visiting, and enjoying the celebration. It’s remarkably rewarding!


Nick: I’m a fan of great food and drink, big celebrations, late nights, and the stories that come from those ingredients. Year after year I feel honored to help bring to life memories that will last forever for our couples and clients. I lend my contract skills, creativity and imagination, and logistical ability to throw incredible parties and celebrations for our clients. My favorite moment at our events is when all of the guests, young and old, are in that moment and nowhere else.

While our focus is always on our clients, we are honored to have our work featured across countless publications and to have received some incredible accolades over the years. Receiving praise and applause from our work is humbling and it keeps us inspired.

Creating special moments for a living is just about the best thing in the world, and we are grateful to work with such incredible people. We hope to get the chance to get to know you!

Aleah & Nick


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