How to Throw a Lemon-Inspired Backyard Party

It doesn't take much of a reason for us to entertain in the summertime! A sunny day, a beautiful sunset, or any day that just feels right gives us the inspiration we need to entertain - whether for our family of four or a beach house full of friends and family. Some of our tricks for entertaining effortlessly are:

Keep ironed linens on hand for quick table dressing - a patterned linen is the first layer to a stylish and themed table

Mix and match elements and colors, but keep the most playful colors to elements like menus or flowers

Run with one garden beverage that can be adapted to alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions (bonus points if it can be pre-batched)

Photos: Katie Mangold Photography | Styling: Valley & Co. | Tabletop elements: Over The Moon | Casa Felix | Goldie Home

Valley & Co's Cherry Thyme Lemonade Sparkler Recipe:

16 oz. freshly squeezed lemonade, 4 oz. cherry simple syrup, 4 oz. club soda, fresh thyme garnish, lemon peel garnish, cherries, 4 oz. vodka (optional)

Drizzle cherry simple syrup into four flutes and add vodka. Top with lemonade and splash wish club soda. For the garnish, gently press a sprig of thyme in between your hands and place in the flute. Add lemon peel and hang cherries on the side of the glass. Enjoy!

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