valley & co. entertaining :: kentucky derby party

Springtime means it's time for parties! The Kentucky Derby is a fun way to gather friends for an afternoon of snacking and revelry. Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate the race, whether you've been a fan before or not!

Slice up cucumbers and big shards of sharp cheddar cheese and serve with cheese sticks

Pimento cheese is a Derby party staple - if you're not keen on making it at home, check with a specialty grocer or look in the deli aisle for a grab-and-go variety!

Stage a side table with easy-to-grab snacks for guests

Elevate popcorn by adding a dash of cayenne pepper and sea salt or rosemary sprigs

Photos: O'Malley Photographers | Styling: Valley & Co.

Anchor your table with a bright striped linen or blanket and choose a more neutral color story to set the tone. Then layer from there with linen cocktail napkins, fanciful appetizer plates, and authentic julep cups

Create a beautiful backdrop for a cocktail station - choose a favorite corner of your dining room or backyard and make a separate vignette for mixing up Mint Juleps

Welcome guests with prize winning rosettes - pen their names on the ribbon for seated parties

Create a fresh and fun playlist by mixing in bluegrass and instrumental Top 40 songs

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