valley & co. tips :: corresponding with your guests during a pandemic

While 2020 has been the year of moving wedding dates for our sweet couples, it’s also brought a renewed feeling of joy and excitement as we plan ahead for weddings. Our team has gotten it down when it comes to how to move dates as smoothly as possible (and we’ve written about that here and in our complimentary postponement guide).

While we love snail mail and beautiful printed invitations, it’s completely acceptable to email your guests digital change-of-date correspondence. We believe modern etiquette means you are taking care of your guests and corresponding in a timely fashion, which now generally means digitally or with a phone call. We will always be smitten with decadent paper invitations, which can still be sent, but quick notes are completely acceptable now to keep your guests and creative team informed and excited! Libby Tipton created this incredible layered suite for our sweet couple Erin and Tom and when they had to move their wedding date again, she designed a charming graphic that still corresponded with the motif.

They were able to send this graphic to all of their guests, many of whom are overseas, and the whimsical design kept with the fun printed suite that we all worked so thoughtfully to create.

Here are three keys to corresponding with your wedding guests right now:

  1. Keep details up-to-date – if your wedding is on target, send guests a detailed and excited email or update. Something like we are so excited to safely celebrate with you! Our plans are on par for March 10th and we will keep you updated if anything changes. Remember to update your website as well (and renew your domain name if the date is set to expire soon)!
  2. If you are new to the stages of planning and sending out save the dates, we suggest directing guests to your wedding website where you can also gather their email addresses. Use those email addresses to send out fun notes, progress reports, and any changes as they come.
  3. It’s a-okay to mix traditional printed invitations with digital updates or date changes. Keep the same motif and feeling by commissioning your stationery designer to create a graphic that you can use on your website as well as carry it over from your printed suite to a digital note.

Remember that your guests are so eager to celebrate you! Keeping them updated on your plans will keep them excited and also comfortable with understanding your plans during this time.

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