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Hey, friends! In our last post and IGTV talk, you heard us dive into the two most important things to do when starting your planning process. Our tips today echo our advice on daydreaming  – defining your personal style is so imperative before you start on your venue search. You don’t need to know exactly what your suit will look like or what color the wedding party will be wearing, but asking yourselves the below questions can help you to define your wedding day style, and using your answers as a benchmark to look for the perfect venue will be a key in keeping your search in check!

Photos: O’Malley Photographers for Valley & Company Events and our book Storied Weddings

What is my personal every day style? Do I want to carry that through to the wedding or do I want to be more daring or more reserved? Some decide to be more bold or more classic, more bohemian, or funkier. Think about how you want to feel about your wedding photos currently, then 5, 10, and 50 years from now!

Do I crave colors? We’re all for couples making a bold statement on their wedding day – from emerald velvet tux jackets to funky patterned after party dresses, color splash can be such a fun thing! Even tying in color in a bouquet can make things pop.

Are you ultra traditional? If the answer is yes, maybe an estate wedding or garden would be a great fit. Are you funky and carefree? Maybe a destination locale in Lake Como or on the beaches of La Jolla speak to you! Using your personal style to reflect on the vision for the wedding day can be such a helpful tool in finding the perfect venue that fits like a glove!

The photos above are of our darling couple Ashley and Max, who made a cameo in a chapter in our book. They were married at the estate where Ash and her brother grew up, and it was totally fitting that her dress was gorgeous and boho – at the night’s end the bottom was ombre with mud from walking around and dancing barefoot. Perfect! And the baby’s breath crown we made represented the flowers her sweet mom wore on her wedding day!

Remember that your wedding style and day are all about YOU! Your style should represent everything you love, and when it comes to accessorizing or deciding what scent to wear or how to style your hair, being comfortable in your own skin rises above all else!

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