valley & co. planning tips :: creating your getting ready timeline

A large part of the success of a smooth and relaxed wedding day timeline starts with the bones and the prep time for a couple. We work with our photography team closely to map out the details – the getting ready moments, any wedding party details, a tux and accessories, hair and makeup, and time spent with loved ones. It’s a special and often sacred time to collect your thoughts before the excitement and hoopla of the day begins, and the more you have mapped out (even if that changes a bit and becomes fluid) will help you to keep on target for being relaxed. Here are a few important tips from our book, Storied Weddingsto help you get started planning the perfect wedding day timeline.

1. Think about your priorities – will you want to have early morning photos with your wedding party eating breakfast or getting your hair and makeup done? If so, allow a good hour for that time.

2. Consider how you want your accessories to be staged. Our talented friends (who captured our book in its entirety) O’Malley Photographers suggest a good hour-and-a-half for getting ready photos – including details like your attire, jewelry, personal flowers, etc.

3. Work with your planning team and photographers to style things in a light and airy corner of your getting ready space the night before or morning of. Having things set aside and steamed and ready to go will help keep things on target.

4. Work backwards. Talk about when you ideally need to be totally ready and work backwards from there to pinpoint when you should be dressed and ready to go and fill in those gaps with the must-have photos.

Photos: O’Malley Photographers for Valley & Company Events

Most importantly, remember to really enjoy your morning! Take a long walk, go for a run, have a nice breakfast with your parents or wedding party, and soak in the moment. Cheers!

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