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When most couples start on the planning adventure, they find that the most universal first questions they’re asked is “when are you getting married?” Finding the perfect wedding date is much like playing a game – working around work schedules, vacation breaks, sporting events, weather patterns, and so many outlying factors. Here are the top factors to think about when choosing your wedding (or party) date:

1. When you close your eyes, where do you envision your wedding being? Do you imagine an outdoor wedding on the water or a cozy wintry wedding tucked away indoors? This initial question will help you to determine a season.

2. Do you envision a destination wedding? If so, weather in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Nassau, Bahamas, or Tuscany, Italy will be different in the same months. Weather in Kilkenny, Ireland might be spring-like in July, whereas San Juan Island, Washington will be quite warm. Think about how different destinations might have completely opposite weather during the same months

3. Do either of you or your families and friends have known restrictions? Keep in mind school breaks (if your sister has three children in school it might be hard to take a week off for a destination wedding during the school year). If one of you is an accountant, perhaps steer clear of the 1Q of the year. We’ve had a number of professional athletes over the years need a very specific month or two in between the end of their season, possible playoffs, and off-season training – knowing what you might have on the horizon surrounding your work or school will be important. Mapping out known restrictions and including those on your calendar will help you to pare down your date range quickly.

4. Look to local calendars for happenings in your date range. Sporting events can impact everything from hotel prices for guests to traffic problems and vendor availability, so if you can, steer clear of local events or big concerts nearest your desired venue. 

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5. Finally, look to the almanac! If you are getting married outdoors, Mother Nature can always play games, but looking at an almanac will help to see weather patterns from years past.

Following these target questions should help you to narrow down a date range. Being open within a few month window will also help your cause in finding the best properties and artists who may have more select availability.


Happy Planning!

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