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If you’re reading this piece today, congratulations are likely in order (or perhaps will be soon)! Each year we share our knowledge on the subject of engagement around this time, as the time for engagements has arrived. The holidays see an uptick in romantic settings and intimate gatherings, family and friends – all of the ingredients for the perfect proposal.

So our congratulatory gift to you is this post – hopefully it will only help enhance your excitement and give you some realistic parameters about what to do if you’re newly engaged (we know a thing or two – this is our 16th year of business)!

Here are our Top 5 Tips for the Newly Engaged:

1. soak it all in! Sounds like this step would come naturally, but so many couples feel the urge and rush to snap that ring selfie and shout their engagement from the rooftops – in due time! Take a few days (or just a moment) for just the two of you – really savoring the fact that you’re engaged!

2. now shout it from the rooftops! Call your mom or grandpa, your best friend, or whoever your go-to on speed dial is! Go out to a celebratory dinner and be sure to call your parents or best friends to join in on the cheersing, once you’ve had that special time together.

2. document the moment: that ring selfie we mentioned? Do that! And hire a photographer to snap engagement photos, allowing you two to just be yourselves. Have fun with it.

3. daydream together: consider the essentials before you dive into the planning (and we recommend holding off and letting the excitement have its moment – take this step a week or two [or more] into your engagement. Think about the who, where, and when – where would your ideal setting be or what restaurant would you take all of your guests to if you could? That can help to guide the initial thoughts on ambiance and location. Then dream up that wish list of people and then talk to your families about their guest list expectations.

4. pin down a season: maybe you already have that golden date locked in, but we recommend couples are as flexible as possible when considering the date so you keep your options open. Think about the ideal season for your location and then run with it! Dreaming of a snowy chateau in the mountains or a seaside tented soiree in the summertime? Let your daydreaming vision help to guide the seasonality and eventually the date. Keeping an open mind about a season, rather than an exact date (unless you must), can help to keep your venue and date selection process much more flexible.

All images by O’Malley Photographers for our book Storied Weddings – on stands now!

5. tend to your ring! Take your ring to the jeweler for an appraisal (or the receipt can also be acceptable), and add the ring to your insurance policy. Be sure to take a photo of it and take it in for a professional cleaning (that just takes a few minutes) every few months. Treat yourself to the perfect pillowy bed for your ring, like a Mrs. Box!

Enjoy your engagement and remember to savor it!

Aleah + Nick

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