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This is the time of year that signifies the best of a season (berries, tomatoes, dahlias, Dungeness crab….), and rounds out the bustling summer wedding season. How many weddings have you been to this summer?

15 years ago this month we celebrated the best of the season ourselves and threw a thank you party for our own wedding parties – 12 friends included. It’s a trend we love to see and are seeing more of – thanking friends and family who helped to bring the magic of the day to life. What better way than with a meaningful party that spoils them and is full of the best of the season?

We baked fresh berry cobbler (with raspberries from our own garden and blueberries we picked from a farm) for our Cobbler & Bubbly party this month, filled with that seasonal bounty and the perfect wedding-meets-home picks from Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Registry to create an impeccable, yet comfy thank you party. (In case you missed our very exciting post last month, we are honored to announce that we’re Pottery Barn’s Wedding Experts, sharing monthly inspiration and expertise on weddings and registry!)

When we educate our clients on registering for their wedding, we highly encourage them to choose fun pieces that they just absolutely must have. Pieces that are stately, yet functional and timeless, yet youthful – those that really represent them, just like their wedding. Pieces that can be incorporated into their wedding celebration but also into events beyond.

To create a well-rounded and fun registry that’s filled with the best must-have items you’ll always use:

Start with essentials that 1. feel like you can use them again and again but in very different ways. Classic Chateau Champagne Flutes are an absolute must-have (and we encourage at least a dozen!) and they can be used event and event over, or night in after night in. Toast your wedding party at your thank you party, toast your 6-month anniversary with a movie and popcorn on the couch, or your first Christmas in your new home hosting your families. Champagne flutes are a must-have staple for a wedding registry. Classic polished Maxfield Silver Napkin Rings paired with crisp white napkins are another favorite item that we use in our own home and at our events. They can be dressed up or down and yet always set a really classic and elegant tone on a table top (especially family-style or at a self-serve station).

This marble-handled serving set is a new favorite in our kitchen!

In addition to our cobblers, we couldn’t resist whipping an effortless cheese and charcuterie board with figs and blackberries and created florals that fit the time of year. When throwing your wedding thank you party, use elements that were present in your wedding – the same garden rose or vine, but in a different way.

2. Pepper in items that you know will always look fresh no matter what the season or occasion. We used our cozy throw blankets as linens in this backyard party, and paired French ceramic plates with our favorite Bistro outdoor flatware. Effortlessly chic and fresh. Throw blankets can be used in cozy wedding living rooms (a must-have at our weddings – spaces that have sofas and tables guests can lounge at!), and of course, into your own space after your wedding.

3. Set the scene. Choose registry items that truly will make a scene. Ones that you can pull out of your entertaining sideboard or closet and will instantly pair well with your nesting lineup and have an impact. Imagine being able to open up a box or chest and have your favorite dreamy pieces to mix-and-match with – the perfect way to marry your wedding and home life! Those versatile items will serve you so well.

4. Go a little wild with your registry! Add those “we really, really want these!” items; items that you really can use in your wedding – like these incredible Malta Lanterns. They’re huge (Bennett could literally fit inside one) and make such an incredible statement. You really must have these! How special to use something like these lanterns to make a natural aisle at your wedding and to them use them on your front porch or back yard when entertaining once you’re married?

5. Be versatile and pick fun items that might be usable in a variety of ways for utility. This awesome Galvanized Drink Tub can be filled with ice and bubbly at your wedding and topped with flowers, filled with beer or cider at your first hosted tailgate party, or even used as a stylish and unexpected plant stand at home. Interchangeable pieces are a registry must!

Picture-perfect pieces can truly be used in so many different ways – and made yours. Choose the most stylish and enchanting pieces that you can put your mark on, whether through florals or the setting itself.

All images by Ryan Flynn for Valley & Company and Pottery Barn || Painted Stationery by Momental Designs

What are your ultimate registry must-haves?


This is a paid partnership with Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Weddings – all opinions are our own.

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