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We are knee-deep in the throes of polishing details for a gorgeous wintry wedding in a few weeks, and part of that process involves talking with our photographers and bride and groom about their vision for getting ready photos and mapping out the details of the photography timeline. Some of our best tips for these pre-wedding photos are intended to help create a structured, yet relaxed morning, setting you up for a wonderful day:

1. Pre-steam and lay out all of your wedding day accessories the day before your wedding. This includes your shoes, any capelet or shawl, your hair accessories, and your makeup. Hang your gown on a velvet or wooden hanger and stow it in a safe spot. Ask your wedding parties to do the same so everyone is prepped and ready to go. Maybe your parents laid out your school clothes each night before school – that was a dress rehearsal for your wedding day! Be as prepped as you can be.

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2. Find a spot in your getting ready space (whether it’s a hotel, at the venue, or at your home) that’s filled with the most natural light. This will make for classic and clean images and will provide a great work space for your photographer.

3. The morning of your wedding, take a stroll or meditate – whatever will help to rejuvenate and relax you for the big day. You want to start the day feeling fresh!

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4. Eat breakfast and stay hydrated. Order breakfast in advance from your hotel or task a member of your wedding party to pick up or order breakfast items (think: quiches, pastries, and fruits).

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5. Have fun! Being as prepared as possible and working with your planner and photographer will help you all to feel relaxed and ready for the day to unfold! Having a good hour-and-a-half for this time before your reveal will make all of the difference.

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