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As we begin to excitedly prep for our summertime weddings, we highly encourage our couples to send along a document we created for their stationery designer as early as possible. This key spreadsheet maps out all of the paper goods needed for the wedding day itself, such as:

  • An escort reader board or cards that tell guests which table they’re sitting at
  • Place cards, which tell guests which seat at their designated table they’ll be sitting at
  • Menus
  • Bar signs
  • Ceremony programs
  • Fun directional signage
  • Favor tags
  • Thank you cards
  • Welcome bag inserts or maps
  • Cocktail Napkins
  • Guest book components, and really anything else a couple (or we!) can dream up.

It really is important for a couple to finalize as much of this as they can as far out from the wedding as possible for two reasons: 1. it gives your stationery designer the luxury of time and being able to design clearly, without a rush and 2. it gives you both sufficient time to put thought into wording, components, and design details, leaving precious time to finalize your seating charts.

We recommend having a document with wording you know won’t change (like sayings, bar signs, or menus) and emailing that to your designer 6 weeks prior to the wedding. This gives ample time to preview, make design changes, and for printing.

Anticipate that guest responses can trickle in up to the week or two prior to the big day (though we recommend a hard RSVP-by date of 4 weeks prior), and aim at having your seating chart designed, but just waiting for the final names and table assignments to plug in.

Stationery: La Happy Design || Photos: O’Malley Photographers for Valley & Company Events

Whatever you do, giving your self as much time as possible during the wedding design and planning process can help to make the entire experience so much more enjoyable and relaxed!

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