a recap of intrigued experience

There is nothing much more rewarding in our business than feeling as if we’ve made a difference and given back – whether through our hard work bringing a couple’s dreams to life through plans and floral, networking with someone new to our industry and coaching them, or speaking to those who are eager to grow and learn (as are we still).

We were beyond honored to receive an invitation from Sarah Campbell to speak and host four sessions at her incredible Intrigued Experience last month in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. It was four days of inspiration, education, and wonderful people. Registration for July’s Intrigued Experience closes soon – we can’t recommend this investment enough.

We arrived a day early to explore the surrounding beauty and spent some time in charming Annapolis, eating ice cream (in February!), and just wandering around the most darling little streets steeped in history. When we arrived at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, we were greeted so warmly and made to feel right at home.

The first sessions of the day were fruitful and exciting – we really loved hearing so many wonderful peers sharing their knowledge, processes, struggles, and achievements throughout the experience. From Mayesh to Magnolia Rouge, Soil and Stem, Ponderosa and Thyme, and so many more, it was a treat to sit back and listen and learn before our sessions.

Most anyone can tell you that we truly read like an open book, so talking about how to brand one’s business and use social media to your benefit was right up our alley. We staged four different sessions without about 25 floral designers in each workshop. Tables were set up with individual vignettes with the goal in mind of showing the designers how to capture their work so that it speaks to their brand and capitalizing on the free marketing tool of Instagram.

It was fun to see how everyone styled our florals and paper goods differently and how their artistic eyes were all so unique.

Our creative team was lovely and we used rentals from White Glove Rentals, our talented friend Sally from La Happy provided all of our beautiful paper goods, Catherine George Cakes created this amazing cake for us, and Accent Decor provided the vessels. Amy Nicole Floral was so fantastic assisting in our prep and set up, and our session partner Liz from Elizabeth Fogarty Photography shared her photography expertise illustrating how to best capture one’s work on the fly. 

Not only did we have such a great time interacting and sharing our stories, but we left feeling so fulfilled and happy to have truly given helpful and important experiences and knowledge to so many attendees. We learned as much as well – from some tricks and tips to business inspiration, it was truly a fruitful experience for us.

Photos: Manda Weaver Photography

Many thanks to Sarah for creating such a special experience and for inviting us to be part of the wonder. We look forward to next time!

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