2017 spring weddings trend idea featured on InStyle

Last week we shared one of our 2017 spring wedding trend predictions with InStyle  (alongside wonderful company).

We said:


“Garlands have long been a favorite way of ours to dress up ceilings in a wedding reception space, but in 2017 we can expect a run towards chandeliers made from greens and breathtaking garlands that truly define a space and provide structure.” —Aleah and Nick Valley, owners, Valley & Company Events

It’s true – lush greens have been part of our design process for years as they can lend such romance, such a unique enchantment, and a truly magical feeling to table tops and overhead. One of our favorite ways to use them is by creating greenery “chandeliers,” essentially large hoops of draping greens that act as a focal point over a space.

While the mechanics of these always pose a challenge or two…or three (how will we hang them level enough? what if greens fall off? how do we keep it fresh?), the impact greens have is vast. Garlands can fill a cavernous reception space or large white tent that’s just calling for some added structure.

Using guide wires to suspend long strands of greens overhead can transform an otherwise blank canvas into a dreamy, intentional indoor garden. One of our keys to using greens in a reception space is to keep it understated. While it’s easy to go overboard, keeping a design simplified keeps it classic in our book. 

An entry garland to welcome guests into a sail cloth tent is an excellent example of just enough greenery – 30′ of decadent garland accented with several floral bursts in cheerful wedding colors. The goal = create a warm welcome for guests entering the pasture for dinner.

If we were to have continued the garlands around the perimeter of this particular tent, we felt it would have been overboard given the woodsy setting. Using restraint with garlands can be a challenge, but can help to keep a design in line with the classic feeling of a wedding.

All images by O’Malley Photographers for Valley & Company Events

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